How To Start A Successful Side Hustle with Consistency

We’re not going to get into how to start your side income or ideas on what side hassle you should start or side hassle ( as you may find out)  .

We’re going to touch on something that is core to this though. And its consistency.

If you want to start a side hustle, you need to be consistent and to be consistent you have to love what you’re going to take on.

Consistency is the key to social media growth, website growth… and business growth.

But how do we stay consistent?

We like to make a daily todo list on google docs our todo list can be found here. Feel free to duplicate and edit as you see fit.

and we also have made a consistency calendar. Which can be found below A3 size.
As you can see this calendar you can start it whenever you want, as the days aren’t numbered.


You can mark off the days you stay consistent with either a pen.  But we like to use these dot stickers.


How does it work?

You go to your todo list in the morning and you do the tasks.. After that you mark off the day you have done the task.

This creates a visual reminder of how consistent  you have been.

which in tern keeps you consistent. This way you don’t have to think about your daily routine, you just do it.


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