Online Shopping vs in Store Shopping – Infographic

Online shopping is clearly growing but by how much and by how much in the past few years? We have tried our best to answer a few of these burning questions in our infographic below. It would be unusual to answer this question without including amazon growth as a benchmark. We have included growth of amazon and many other statistics in our infographic below.

Considering the growth of online sales many would think that real life brick and mortar stores would have hugely declined. Many real life stores have decided to focus on things only they can do, real life service increases satisfaction and also increases the likelihood people will buy online away from the store. Real shops build trust online.

People are desperate for instant access, round-the-clock accessibility and fast turnaround for online deliveries. Shops have been offering this for years technically, but now people want this right to them, directly to their person, either at home or out and about. Amazon already delivers with the hour within larger cities and drone delivery is soon to be on the way.

The difficulties here for ecommerce is going to be the infrastructure for this type of delivery.

Within the hour delivery will be the norm by 2026, driven in particular by millennials born between 1980–95 and also Generation Z – born approximately 1996–2010.

Alas Of Shops is here to help your shopping experience & help you make better decisions online.

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