10 Best Online Shopping Sites For Watches

Here’s a small collection of watch shops that stood out to to us out of our 9000+ list of shops on the Atlast of Shops.

These watch shops are varied and have interesting takes on the watch industry, some have FREE give-aways and some are on the luxury end of the watch market, all with quality good looking watches for your wrist.

You can check out the entire list of our watch shops under the category on our website here.

Where there are 80 online watch shops listed all selling different types and designs from a small price point to high end luxury watches.


MVMT started as a way to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry. Quikcly becoming a market leader no list of watch shops would be without mentioning MVMT.

The have been focused on empowered the people through crowdfunding, their original watch line set. Setting themselves apart with their quality, minimalist designs at radically fair prices. Through social media they have grow over the passed years far beyond their  Los Angeles home, creating a global community of 1.5 million MVMT owners (and counting).

Some high class watch owners may cringe at MVMT being on this list but we think the deserve a prime spot on the list due to their rapid growth and quality on mass.

Visit them here.

Carpenter Watches

If you want a quick update to your watch collection you should check out Carpenter Watches.

The watch collection was inspired by vintage and classic watches of the past by designer Neil Carpenter . They are orginally inspired by American brands such as Elgin, Illinois, Waltham and Hamilton,Neil Carpenter  found these brands to be stunning and designed these watches in a similar vein.

It appear they launched originally kickstarterter in 2015, and managed to raise a whopping $74,419.

that original Kickstarter can be found here

You can visit their current website here


Wristology started when the two founders Chris and Jennifer  were on the hunt for a fashionable watch for Jen at a reasonable price— simple put they couldn’t find one. So they decided they could do things better. ​​​​​​​

So based on that in 2012, with only 1 watch style in 5 colors, Wristology® was launched. Since then, they have grown to offer several collections and are sold in boutiques and jewellery stores all over the globe. Simpley put they’re looking to make Wristology® the go-to place for stylish women’s watches.

You can visit their site here

Toc Watches

In 2016 the people behind toc watches decided it was time for a change. They dived into the deep end and set up Toc Watch, an Irish Watch Design Company focusing on designing mechanical watches. They started planning, researching and designed their first watch, the Toc19 & launched in July 2017.
All their mechanical watches have retro styling and have a high spec when considering the price point we have chosen.

you can visit them here. 

HALIOS – Dive + Sport Watches

A Canadian entry to the watch list.

It states on their website that HALIOS Watches run on three simple principles:
1) offer a quality, well-built watch that you can take into the water;
2) exceed your after-sales support expectations; and
3) strive to design the next watch icon.

Jason Lims started the company in 2009.  HALIOS is the natural progression of a near-lifelong infatuation with these magnificent machines.

It began with analog, moved on to digital, then lingered on almost everything imaginable in between. These days, you can see Jason’s interest in watches reflected in the current HALIOS lineup: small, water-ready, spirit very much shaped and informed by the sport watches of the ’60s.

You can check out the site here


The Wind Up Watch Shop

The Windup Watch Shop features a carefully curated selection of watches from some of the best independent and value-driven watch companies.

Customers will be able to easily discover their new favourite timepiece, in addition to Worn & Wound’s trademark leather and nylon watch straps, carrying cases, and accessories.

Another American entry to the list from the founders Zack james and Blake.

You can check out the wind up watch shop here

Instwatch Official Store

A very simple and straight forward watch shopping experience. With a large selection of watches. the interesting this about these store is that they give away watches. So as you would expect compared to some of the other watches stores on our list the quality of these watches varies, but there’s only one way to find out and thats to buy one. Watch out for the postage costs though.

We would guess they’re working on the drop-shipping method and the postage costs cover the watch and the postage.  But we like the simple and stylish designs.

Worth checking out here 

Zinvo Watches

ZINVO is a luxury brand that delivers stunning automatic and chronographic watches. Their goal is stated and simple  — to rethink watches with something new and uniquely inspired.
Made with sleek modern designs, high-quality watch movements, best-in-class materials, and affordable price points, ZINVO timepieces are sensible statements of style. This is in complete contrast to those free give away watch shops.

You set the trend is a motto they hold up to. You can check them out here

MAEN Watches

A watch company from Sweden, Sweden has a long history of quality watches. and MAEN is no exception to this legacy.
At MAEN Watches they do things differently. They like to keep an open mind and design unique timepieces.
They have a sincere focus on quality, materials and the smallest details and believe that this is an important strength to their brand.
MAEN Watches are contemporary timekeepers and their goal is to create watches that exceed expectations.You can check out the quality of their timepieces here.

Lord Time Pieces

Founded in 2015, Lord Timepices decided to create a watch brand that stood for those that want to take charge of their time. They state on their website that they believe time should be used for passions, opportunities and purpose and we couldn’t agree more. Based in London with a  customer base in over 180 countries Lord Timepieces has transcended into more than just a brand including an amazing family of supporters who share the same vision.

Worth checking them out here
You can check out the entire list of our watch shops under the category on our website here.

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